About us

The vision behind the Utility Kilt Store was to create a distinct reputation in customization of hand stitched items including utility kilts, leather kilts, tartan kilts, highland jackets and other Highland accessories. We started to train our manufacturing staff before we announce our company publicly. It took very hard efforts to gather all the resources at one platform to accomplish our Vision roulette gratis.

Mean while, we faced lots of problems and issues including designing, artistry, fabric and other things with devotion and continuous efforts we were able to manufacture our 1st utility kilt. With lots of design and system problems, well we knew that we have to go through a complete process of product development, well, our efforts did not end, and we were in the continuous learning process. We knew that time that this time and efforts would pay us back one day and we will be offering best designs to a kilted community in future, and the day comes when our efforts of 1 years research and product development our efforts come to reality, and we made our 1st utility kilt for men. And we launched our 1st design for sale to all community.

It is our claim that whatever you will order from Utility Kilt Store will come directly from our warehouse rather a middle man or any other agency; only our authorized sellers are allowed to use our brand name to sell their products. Your special requirements are passed directly to the Tailor/stitches. All products are custom made in Pakistan.

With loads of eternal appeal and versatility, Utility Kilt Store has always been adaptable and inspirational. The looks of the Designs are timeless; one can make a bold fashion statement and a wise investment at the same time. So if you are willing to make a fashion statement or a dashing entrance, just do it with only of its kind outfit-courtesy at UtilityKiltStore.com.

Our collection covers all groups of people and genders, either you want to buy a utility kilt for your work, or you want to wear a Gothic kilt. That’s why we claim once you come to our shop you will not go without your desired kilt or outfit. Our appealing utility kilt designs allow you to go everywhere anytime.

At Utility Kilt Store, we are very reluctant toward our Vision which a best quality at its best along with customer care there are limits on quality and customer, and we go beyond our limits to delight our customers. Problems are part of business, but we want with all the possible solutions our customer should be satisfied.

We are offering complete customization to all of our kilts and jackets, which means your design, your size, your color and your instructions, what we will do, is to assess your abstract design and make it accomplish with our experience in the kilted industry.

Our customers ask how you can deliver a custom order kilt in just 8-10 days. Well, we describe them we have spent lots of time in research and deliver the best custom manufacturing system. Further, we have a well explained and rehearsed internal control system through which we check all our products on each step till finishing and packing.

Most of our expertise is in manufacturing utility kilt, leather kilts, and highland stuff which means ordering from us will make you delight whenever you wear our products. We guarantee about each and everything will be our home production if by any chance you need to ask anything you can contact us at sales@utilitykiltstore.com and our customer service department will assist you to resolve issues.

We have a well-explained return policy along with shipping policy, so our customer feels confident before and after ordering from us.

We welcome to all of the respected community to come and explore our collection choose best for yourself or let us know what else we do to make it a memorable piece of clothing for yourself. Our suggestion boxes are always open if you want to suggest us anything feels free to contact, and we will be for you anytime.