Order Process

Step 1: Order Placement

Once an order received within next 24 hours we check all details about size, address, and other things, our sale team then send you a confirmation email of order. Process takes 24 Working hours due to time difference around the world.

Step 2: Posting order to manufacturing

Our sales team them post order to manufacturing through a proper channel which is fully backup through a software to minimize the chances of error at any step during manufacturing

Step 3: Cutting and Stitching

This process is basically time taking, it starts from Cutting of Fabric and goes till the finishing for a basic kilt it involves Patron cutting as per ordered size because we manufacture custom sizes so each order has its specific patron to cut the fabric.

Stitching starts after patron and fabric cutting, our expert labor then starts stitching it as per requirement of design.

Meanwhile our quality department checks and assures that all manufacturing is going as per standard we have set through our hard experiences in past. Once the quality department satisfied with quality product shift to next department which is finishing.

Step 4: Finishing

Moving forward stage comes of buttons and other hardware as per order of customer, this involves final sizing of product and final finish of product like cutting off extra threads etc.

Step 5: Packing and Shipping

After final inspection product is carefully packed as per packing department instructions and care standards. Once product pack we ship it through proper courier for swift delivery to your delivery address. Selection of courier depends on upon sales team as per geographical position of Customer.

Step 6: Delivery

Once product shipped courier takes 5-7 days to deliver as per destination, sometimes this step takes a long time due to remote locations of customer address or due to any mistake while address providing. To minimize it we confirm about address from customer before shipment.

At last courier deliver it and we ask about the product from the customer and listen to their valuable suggestions if they want to share. All our products are manufactured as per international manufacturing standards, Chances of mistakes are there (Human make mistakes) and in any case, if any our customer has an issue can contact us through our contact page or directly through sales@utilitykiltstore.com as well. We will happily listen to all of you.