Why buy from us?

A reason to buy from Utility Kilt Store

  • The foundation of Utility Kilt Store is based on right attitude towards quality, selection of finest quality raw material and specialized skilled staff to construct the high fashion quality products with extended and modern features.
  • We are manufacturing complete kilt outfit involve traditional tartan kilts , utility fashion kilt more all kilt accessories necessary for a complete kilt out fit i.e prince charlie jacket, argyle jacket, sporran kilt pin our slogan is one stop shop for your complete highland outfit.

Life span of our business

Since the life of our business we have a keen eye over fashion and fully engaged in developing finest quality products for our community. It only happened under the strict quality control and creativity towards customers requirements.

Value creation

Its not only quality but its value we are offering to our customers we believe

Quality + Value = Customer satisfaction

We give high priority to all our orders from the time you place an order to the time you get your kilt, we have a keen look over all our manufacturing process so you will get what you really need or expect.

What more we are offering

  • Our customers are our business and we love all their suggestions
  • we fully customize all our products to make it for customers
  • If you feel you don’t need a standard size make it customize with us
  • The point is  we are fully specialized in complete kilt outfit and you are choosing a right company to have complete outfit for you.

How we secure your Information

In order to make your all transactions secure and safe we are using latest technology to make your transactions safe with huge investment over our internal web development system and online transactions securities standards you can be sure about all your information you enter to complete a transaction at our website.

What we really do

  • With our best internal control system we avoid back orders and believe over First in first out system through our sophisticated manufacturing circle.
  • All craftsmen are fully specialized in their department and have years of background in manufacturing quality items hence a output is 100% quality item.